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How to Write Thesis, Dissertation and Research Paper: Know the Difference

19 Feb 2019 4787 5 minutes
How to Write Thesis, Dissertation and Research Paper: Know the Difference

How to Write Thesis, Dissertation and Research Paper: Know the Difference

Every academic stage brings so much challenges to students. Beginning from the school where they have to complete simple assignments to submitting thesis, research paper, or dissertation to mark the accomplishment of their graduate or post graduate degree. However, they get confused between all of them and then seek thesis writing help from professional writers. So, to help out such students, here we have discussed how thesis, dissertation, and research paper are different.

Definitions of Thesis, Dissertation and Research Paper


A dissertation is a type of an academic paper which is written and then submitted to mark the accomplishment of a professional degree.


A thesis is a type of an academic paper which can be termed as a long essay. It involves candidate personal research and is written for the university degree.

Research Paper

A research paper is a type of an academic paper which is based on author’s original research on a particular topic.

Difference Between Thesis, Dissertation, and Research Paper

S.No. Thesis Dissertation Research Paper
1 For thesis, you need to collect ideas and information from different sources. In the case of dissertation, you need to research by yourself. In research paper, you write an argument and gather evidence to prove that.
2 A thesis can be treated as short academic paper and takes less time to get completed. On the other hand, dissertation is a long form of academic paper and takes a long period to get written. Time required to complete a research paper depends upon the length you are asked to keep.
3 In thesis, the information gathered is based upon the hypothetical analysis. Dissertation consists of different arguments and theories based on self research. Research paper is the broad view of the central arguments.
4 It marks the accomplishment of graduate degree. It marks the accomplishment of the doctorate degree. A research paper written either at the graduate or at the undergraduate level as an academic coursework
5 In thesis, you need to do novel findings on the existing literature. On the other hand, in dissertation, you have to research to prove your own points. A research paper should contain all the main points that you want to address in it.

By now, you must have understood the basic differences between thesis, dissertation, and research paper. And as all of them have dissimilarities, they are required to be differently too. Here we have enlisted the different steps required to write each of them.

Steps to Write Thesis:

Step 1:- Pick an area of research.
Step 2:- Look for projects that can broaden your career path.
Step 3:- Choose a unique and meaningful topic.
Step 4:- Ask open-ended questions.
Step 5:- Visualize before getting it published.

Steps to Write Dissertation

Step 1:- Choose an attractive Dissertation Proposal.
Step 2:- Do an extensive research to gather relevant points.
Step 3:- Write an amazing Dissertation.
Step 4:- Edit and proofread.
Step 5:- Take feedback before publishing.

Steps to Write Research Paper:

Step 1:- Choose an area or field of own interest.
Step 2:- Make a research plan.
Step 3:- Make use of relevant and reliable sources.
Step 4:- Mention the sources.
Step 5:- Recheck the whole work.

These are different approach to write a thesis, dissertation, and research paper respectively. If your professor asks you to write any of them, then you won’t get confused in between them. While writing them, if you come across any sort of problem, then you should take help from our writers.

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