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Argument in Support of The Murder Case - Case Study of Marcus Donoghue

University: University of West London

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  • Paper Type: Case Study
  • Course Code: MGT530
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Question :

The report reflects on the incident which took place on Merton road in which Marcus was killed by his close family member thus police investigation is done to find out the culprit behind the case.

  • Give a clear justification of the argument in support of the murder case.
  • Develop clear decision related to murder case
  • Explain the detailed analysis of murder cases with a clear viewpoint.
Answer :
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The report highlight the accident case that happened on Merton Road on 14th of August at 11:20 PM, where Marcus Donoghue a chef from greater Molling was killed. Gigglestown police have registered the complaints and started their investigation regarding the case. They have enquired number of witnesses that were present in that place including his wife and registered their statements that provide them help to carry out inspection process. There are number of characters that play a vital role in solving this accident case. Police had faced number of problems as there were no CC-TV footage of the crime scene.


The report underlines the accident case of Marcus Donoghue with age 38, a chef from Greater Molling met with an accident while riding his red racing bicycle on Merton road. He was a well known personality in his native greater Molling, and had its own Michelin starred restaurant, “The Queen of Hearts” in little Molling as well as Gyggleston Arms in Gigglestown. Police had investigated that a Silver Audi A3 had passed speeding away from the crime scene but the main proof that is the bicycle of the Marcus was missing. Police have registered that statement of three main identities who had shared the view of scenes that were present there at the time of the incident that happened. All of them described the situation which they had experienced but then too police did not had clue for the missing racing bicycle which would help them to solve the mystery (Moser and Kalton, 2017).

Jennifer Donoghue, wife of chef Marcus was consider the culprit for the case in accordance to the investigation that had been carried out by the police so far. She was initially arrested by the police as there were number of truth found that exposed her for the same. Giggleshire spy have uncovered number of dirt created by Jennifer Donoghue that there were reasons that she was cheating her husband. There were some doubt that she was already married but it was a mystery as police could not found the record of his first hand. In her interview with police man about that incident day she described that she was not present in her home and had visited her sister's house on that date. Another issue that get raised was related to car which was a silver Audi A3 this was a big clue that make her the culprit for the scene (Durgun and Ertan, 2014).

There are various other problems that have been registered by Sara Alaam who was a receptionist and PA at the “Queen of Hearts” shared her views about the Marcus's concern about his marriage that how his wife Jennifer had done fraud actions and married him as Jennifer have claimed that she was pregnant and Marcus no potion left but to marry her. But after sometime, it was clear that she was not pregnant by the time wedding preparations had been almost done. Thus, he was not at all happy with his marital status and is about to end and as well as he was also worried about the payment to be made by paying off a large divorce settlement amount. All these matter showcase that their relationship is not going well which can be one of the reason that his wife murdered him.

The other reasons that are involved which had been exposed by Animal right website in which Giggleshire has been substituted “horse- meat scandal”, this lead to the occurrence of scam as the restaurant was not able to compete with the competitors that are present in the same region. This results in the cutting down of prices charged by them and to recover this restaurant is started compromising on their quality of product's ingredients. This was exposed by website and have full doubt on Giggleshire restaurant but they were waiting for some more evidence so that they become confident for the scam (Wall and Board, 2014).

There was one more issue and scandal reported by animal rights group that was the “The grey Goose chef” in horse meat scandal that results restaurant being rocked by the scam and it had been taking place for several months before it got exposed. But the case closed down as there were no sufficient evidences for the same.

The other doubt was at that time when the racing bike was found out in Gigglestown Deer park whose head gardener was, Nigel Warts who believed to be the elder brother of Jennifer Donoghue. The chronicles had revealed that bike that was found at the centre of the park maze was the same model of the road bike of Marcus Donoghue. The female caller reported this to the Giggleshire chronicles. All these aspects collected together would lead to the conclusion that his wife is somewhere involved in the case with his brother.

The police memo also discussed that forensic examination had laid down that bike was of the same model of Marcus Donoghue. There were traces of red paint which was the original colour of the bike that were found on the burnt carcass. The back wheel of the vehicle was missing hence, there was no evidence of a collision to the rear of the bike was found. Thus, after considering all these aspects it has been concluded that there is no proper conclusion that this is the the bike which has been found is that of Marcus Donoghue. Thus, the case remain as a mystery due to lack of improper evidences (Lin, 2011).

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From the above accident case there are number of point of views that can be raised hence, proper conclusion about the culprit cannot be identified. But, after the whole investigation process it had been found out that Marcus Donoghue's wife Jennifer Donoghue would be the culprit as there are number of evidences which were against her. The main issue involve disturbances that were present in their marital status and the fraud nature of his wife.

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