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Expert CV Writing Service for a Perfect First Impression!

Are you a final year student who is about to sit in the placements but don’t know a single thing about CV writing? Well if your answer is yes then believe it or not you are going to require expert CV writing services to help you out. What’s a CV you ask? Well, a CV or curriculum vitae is the collection of all the necessary information about you curated in a single document so that your employer or the interviewer can easily understand you as well as judge you based on your skills and achievements in academics.

Writing a CV seems to be a simple task from the outside but it gets complicated when you start writing it. Landing a placement is crucial for every student as it gives them a stepping stone toward growth in their career and similarly, a well-drafted CV is important for students as it provides them a better representation in front of an established company so that the organization can hire them.

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Some Common Mistakes to Avoid While Writing a CV

Writing a CVis one of the most important tasks that a student ever completes in his lifetime. A CV is considered to be the document that defines your hard work and everything that you have ever achieved in your life. Now imagine meeting someone really important and making silly errors in introducing yourself to them. There is nothing worst than failing in putting forward your own identity in front of anyone, similarly, making silly mistakes in writing your CV can pull your impression down and can ruin your chances of landing what could be a great opportunity for you. You just can’t afford to make mistakes in your CV in the first place but if you do there is no harm in correcting them in-fact, it is never too late to learn.

According to our expert CV writers, some of the silliest and common mistakes that students make while writing about themselves are -

  • Putting Unnecessary Information - A CV or a resume is a piece of document that needs to be attractive and on point so that it can attract the correct person, as well as the reader, does not have to go through the information that is not required. For instance, you can share that you served as the captain of your college football team, which is perfectly fine and depicts leadership quality however, stretching the information to, “ I served as a captain for my college football team and we won 3 championships” is just the waste of time and space on your CV. Make sure that you put in only and only precise information that you believe is relevant and can help you create a better impression. While you are on a task of professional CV writing, you have to be very careful about such things.
  • Keeping It Too Short- Your resume must have all the necessary fields that can help your interviewer understand you in a better way. keeping things on-point is the core principle of CV writing but, you have to be very wise when you choose the information that you want to include and remove. Keep in mind that keeping your resume too short can also affect your candidature and not in a positive way. Never confuse precisely with short, you have to provide crisp points that highlight your career, missing out on important factors to keep your CV short is never a great option.
  • Undermining References- Though the document requires a person to write about themselves, there is no downside in going through some references. A lot of students believe that they don’t want any sort of reference to write a CV just to end up getting stuck while writing it. One should try to take as many references before writing a CV as one can because it helps in understanding the way to write, the flow to follow, and how to frame attractive sentences that can help in creating an impression.
  • Silly Typos- Though this is a common mistake that almost every one of us does in every writing task, this can put you in a bad light if you live such mistakes in your CV. As you already know, this piece of document is an on-paper representation of what you are as a person and what you have achieved so far. Most of the CV writing tips and tutorials that you will find on the internet talk about this mistake. Leaving silly mistakes in this resume writing ruins your impression and makes you look like a careless person and you don’t want your would-be employer to think that if you know do you?
  • Using Cliched Templates- CV writing is all about representing yourself and creating a statement about who you are. There are thousands of students who are at the same stage of life where you are. You need to choose a well-designed CV template that not only speaks for itself but also helps your CV stand out from the stack of other same old boring resumes. Using old templates that have been overused multiple times fails in creating an impact on HR as they have seen hundreds of copies of the same piece of paper. Give them a surprise element in your CV as it can help in catching attention.

Now that you are aware of all the common mistakes you would have realized that writing a CV is not that simple of a task as it seems. You have to take care of a lot of factors and be very careful about what to include and what to include. You can skip on all the mistakes and get a well-drafted CV from us as our CV writers have helped thousands of students with their CV.

Different Formats Used By Our Professional CV Writers

As you might be familiar, a CV has to be written in a particular format. Multiple CV writing formats are currently being used in different fields and most students are not aware of them. Your CV needs to depict professionalism in its quality as well as the language that it uses. Though there is not any single format that can be considered as the standard international format, there are 2 main types of formats that you can use to get your CV drafted.


  • Chronological Format- This is one of the most recommended formats for CV writing. As the names suggest, all the information that is required to be inserted in a CV follows a chronological order. Start with your personal information and start listing all the educational as well as professional experience in the order of their occurrence. This creates a uniformity in the flow of your CV as well as helps the reader to learn about all the events that have taken place in your academic as well as personal life which establishes your overall identity. Our professional CV writers receive a lot of requests to provide help with chronological format CV and they are more than happy to help out every one of them. The structure that this type of CV follows is -
  1. Personal Details- The top of your chronological CV holds information about you. Your name, age, contact details, and other details fall in this section. A common way of writing the information is -

           - Full Name

           - Address

           - Contact Number

           - Your Email Address and Other Means of Contact

  1. Introduction- you need to write a sentence or two about who you are and what is your objective/goal in life. This needs to be precise and easy to understand so that the reader gets a glimpse of what they are looking at.
  1. All Your Experience- Now this is the section where you start listing your academic and professional experiences. Start with the oldest one i.e begin with where you did your schooling and then slowly climb up to your latest educational or professional experience.

And that’s about it, you can add a strong personal statement or a cover letter with this CV to help you increase your chances and don’t worry you don’t have to add up any single task as we also provide personal statement writing services.

  • Functional Format- A functional CV only focuses on important information such as what skills do you possess and what achievements have you accomplished in your career. This does not have anything to do with following any sort of order, this is most important for those who are in a skill-oriented job profile rather than management and other profiles. This is also one of the widely accepted formats for applicants as this helps them highlight their potential and all the skills that they have acquired. It keeps official information on top priority and all the personal details are kept for the end of the document. The information mentioned in the above section remains approximately the same but the only difference that a functional CV has is that the personal details section is written at last.

Your Search for the Best CV Writing Service Ends Here!

By now you must have understood that wring a CV is not that simple of a task as it seems as you must know how to represent your information in front of the reader. Keep in mind that this single piece of paper can define the future of your career so never take it lightly. If you are looking for someone who can write you a perfect CV then you are in luck as Global Assignment Help offers the best CV writing service online. We have a specialized team of writers who have helped thousands of students in achieving their dream jobs with the help of a perfect CV. There are a lot of providers who boast to serve the best but no one even comes closer to the quality of service that we provide. Some of the most important features that help us stand out of the competition are -

  • Easy Access Through User-Friendly Mobile App- There is no mandatory condition that you have to be on a computer to order your CV. Our cutting edge smartphone application is available on both android and IOS so that you can have an even smoother experience. You can access our best CV writing service UK straight from your smartphone.
  • On-Time Delivery - We deliver every document right on time. It is one of our specialties. We believe that the foundation of every transaction is based on trust and that can be only established if both parties deliver everything that they agree on. Our crystal clear delivery mechanism helps you track the progress of your document which keeps you posted about where your CV has reached
  • Free Quality Assurance Report- One thing that we keep on our priority is the quality of a document. We believe that no matter what happens if a student has entrusted us with a career-defining task, they should receive a quality document with no flaws at all. And for that, we provide a detailed report including the Turnitin report so that you don’t have any doubts in your head regarding the genuineness of your CV.
  • Money-Back Guarantee- We also offer a money-back guarantee to our elite customers as if they are satisfied with the quality of CV writing, we are more than happy to refund the amount that was charged to them. From the very beginning, we have believed that there is no amount larger than the satisfaction of our customers.

Other than these, the trust and quality that we deliver is always a plus for our customer. If you have any doubt in writing your CV never hesitate in asking your doubts from our expert writers. You can refer to CV samples that are specially curated by our team of CV experts.

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You can order your CV in 3 simple steps -

  1. Send us Your Details- Send us a rough draft that includes all your information that you want to get included in your CV.
  2. Confirm Your Order- We receive thousands of requests every hour for CV writing help, make payments for your order right when you place it so that we can start working on your CV on priority. We also have various discount offers that you can apply while checking out to get your CV written at the lowest price.
  3. Receive It Right On Time!- Once you have confirmed the order you can relax while our CV writers work on it. You can track the progress and feel free as a perfectly drafted CV will be delivered to you under the stipulated time.

So what are you waiting for? Order CV writing help today and grab that opportunity!

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